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declaration of indigency

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I am filing this Unsworn Declaration of Indigency in place of an Affidavit of Indigency as allowed by Section 132. 001 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code. 2. I am unable to pay court costs. I declare under penalty of perjury that the statements made in this Unsworn Declaration of Indigency are true and correct. NOTICE THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS SENSITIVE DATA. Cause Number The Clerk s office will fill in the Cause Number when you file this form. In the Petitioner/ Plaintiff Court...
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I cannot afford paying for or furnishing proof for this petition. 3. I am filing this petition in the interest of justice for me and for my child and their dependents. Furthermore, I am not filing this petition to try to collect money from the Defendant, who has made efforts to avoid payment. When I file this petition the Defendant will be informed that he/ she is being sued for child support. The defendant will have time to respond before a trial starts. I want to make sure that he/ she is aware that this Petition is for the support of this child, not because of a child support order that has not been served. I cannot support my own child without the help of a public assistance agency, or through private donations. Furthermore, I understand that I will have to pay expenses and court costs from my own pocket and that the fees will be assessed to my child. The court will be informed of my financial problems by the Petitioner/Plaintiff. I understand that this will be a long court hearing. I understand that if the court orders payment of this child support, I may not have the funds to pay for future expenses of the child, even if no other arbitrage exists. 4. This petition will be considered by the court and all parties if the Respondent/ Defendant responds to the Petition within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of this petition. The Respondent/ Defendant will be given notice and opportunity to file a Response. In the event he/ she does not respond within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the Unworn Declaration, it shall be deemed that the Respondent/ Defendant has waived, and his/ her failure to respond is not a defense. I understand that I have the right to a trial. 5. I am not an attorney, so I request a judge, not a magistrate. The court will only hear from Petitioner/Plaintiff, and not a lawyer. 6. I have read, understood, and signed the above Declaration of Indigence. If the court does not accept the Unworn Declaration, you must file an Answer instead. In the case of a default judgment, you will not have the opportunity to plead an Answer. (d) If you did not provide sufficient financial information when you filed the Unis sued Declaration of Indigence, you must pay your court costs and deposit your money in an interest-bearing escrow account. You may also agree to attend counseling and attend community service in exchange for your costs being reimbursed.
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